In Remembrance of AnnieLee Independent - 9/12/1958 to 2/27/2006

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Marshal Will Wingam:
I enjoyed her wit. She was able to bring a smile to my face and did so many, many times. Her posts were treasures.

I think the really fortunate people were the ones who knew her in person.

Her blackberry jam was good enough to die for.

Camille Eonich:

--- Quote from: Marshal Will Wingam on March 02, 2006, 10:16:01 AM ---Her blackberry jam was good enough to die for.

--- End quote ---

Her blackberry jelly was awesome too!  I think that I still have some preserves or something in the fridge.

She loved her hats and her pretty corsets.  I don't think that I have ever met anyone with as much self-confidence as Annie Lee had.

Some of you may understand this and some may not but she made a great Nun.

Miss you Annie Lee!

Marshal harpoluke:

Never had the privilage of meeting Her face to face, but had some frank and honest postings and e-mails.

She would always stepin for the underdog.  She was kind to the less-lovable.

She brought balance to the forum, made people think---I'll miss her wit, humor, and Ele Kbong, (Le Ping).

Yes, She knew Da Sheep is my Rascal Scooter/electric wheelchair.  We had a lot of laughs bout Da Sheep v Le Ping, and of course Da Chicken.



There just arn't words to express My since of loss.



Forty Rod:
Annie became one of my best friends faster than any other except my wife.  She seemed to be so “in tune” with my thoughts and moods, even from 2,500 miles away, that I could talk to her and come away feeling better for it.

I can’t begin to express how much loss I feel at her passing, but I want to tell you about a couple of occasions that we shared.

Before I ever corresponded with her about anything serious she posted about putting up blackberry jams.  I mentioned that I love blackberry jam and she sent me half-dozen jars within a few days.  Of course the post office lost them for three months, but we only lost one jar to spoilage.

On another occasion she and I had a disagreement about some trivial thing…I honestly don’t remember what it was…and I didn’t hear from her for several days.  I e-mailed and asked if we were okay, did I really tick her off.  She sent me back a message that if I had I wouldn’t have to ask.  It would be very apparent that she was angry.

I joined in on a thread and, again I don’t recall what led up to it, I sent her the message, “Blush for me, Annie.”  She came back raising hell because “You actually made me blush.  How did you do that?”

When she adopted the little skillet and was searching for a name, I was delighted and proud when I suggested Le Ping and she took it without hesitation.

Somewhere along the line she thought I reminded her of Fonzie.  Again, I have no recollection of the reason, only that for months I was referred to on the wire as Forty Fonzai.  Go figure.

In the few days since her passing my world has become smaller, colder, and much less comfortable.  I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

She had told me of a planned business trip out here to California this Spring and I was so much looking forward to meeting her in person.  It looks like that meeting has been postponed for a spell.

Will, I would be happy to have you contact me anytime you fell the need, and if you are ever on the left coast, please let me know.  If I can’t meet Annie, perhaps I can meet you.

Be well, and have a great future.  I hope you do well in whatever field you choose for yourself.

I’d like to ask one favor:  please give your Aunt Joyce a hug and my thanks for being there when Annie and you needed her.


I had no chance to meet her; my regrettable loss. I enjoyed reading everything she posted. Carefree, confident, open, she had so much joie de vivre and bonhomie that it just flowed out and covered you all warm and comfortable, even through the glowing screen.

The world is duller and flatter now. We will go on, sadder, yes, but inspired and warmed by having known her.

Make Your face to shine upon her, Lord...


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