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Recoil from 45-90 compared to 45-70

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tarheel mac:
I've always heard that the recoil from the 45-120 and 50-140 rifiles was fierce and then some...but what about the .45-90?  JUt thinking, (and quite frankly, basing this on nothing concrete) it would seem that the recoil from it, while noticeable, would not be a great deal more than that of the .45-70.  So is it? Or am I just blowing smoke up my own a$$? (After all, fooling yourself is the easiest thing of all..)

St. George:
I've shot pretty much everything in the Old West's panoply of firearms and I've never felt a heavy recoil if my weapon was properly positioned and consistent.

The .45-90-110 is a fun gun to shoot and gives a nice 'shove' when fired - but no 'snap' or 'kick'.

But that's to me and I'm a big guy, used to shooting large bore rifles.

As long as you maintain a good, consistent shooting position and a good stock weld - you should really enjoy the experience.

Good Luck,

Scouts Out!

Ed Clintwood:
St. Geroge
Was that with black or "the other stuff"?


Nine Toe Jim:
About 1985 I bought a Shiloh Sharps Long Range Express in 45-70. It was a Farmingdale model made before Shiloh moved to Big Timber, Montana. The gun had a half an inch of freebore or throat in front of the chamber in .457 diameter. I shot the rifle for 12 years with moderate accuracy. I never had to use a recoil pad of any kind as long as I held it snug.
About 1998 I'd had enough of the mediocre accuracy and asked a gunsmith friend in Cody if he could rechamber the rifle to 45-90. He did and the accuracy improved greatly. I do not find much difference in the recoil from the 45-70 round and I'm loading 90gns (by volume) of ffg under a 505gn bullet.

St. George:
I shot what the load was for the rifle - not wishing to experience any untoward adventures, what with the rifles being period-original and all - and the loads were paper-patched when indicated - though personally, I do prefer 'the other stuff', and paper-patching's a lot of damned work...

I never had a fondness for smelling like that last, unlocated  Easter Egg that finally surfaces - and the vast bulk of my serious shooting had to do with not leaving a 'signature' to be spotted, and that's a hard-to-break habit.

I do like .45-70 - but that's because I was lucky as a kid - and was able to shoot an inordinate amount of the stuff through Infantry Rifles and Carbines and an 1886 Winchester, thanks to several full cases coming my way in trades.

No - I never kept the boxes...


Scouts Out!


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