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A story about the Quigley from Quigley


Marshal Halloway:
The latest issue of Guns of the Old West has an article about the Matthew Quigley Long Range Buffalo Shoot written by Cas City's own photographer Mark Quigley.


Stoney Pete:
Link don't want to open :'(  Might be problems with the site.

LazyK Pejay:
It worked O.K. for me.

LazyK Pejay

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Stoney Pete:

--- Quote from: LazyK Pejay on January 05, 2006, 08:57:27 AM ---It worked O.K. for me.

LazyK Pejay

--- End quote ---
It must of been the verk PC.  It worked from home. ;D

I bought the magazine!  What a dummy.

Oh well.

Great write-up as I just took delivery of a Pederosoli Sharps 45-70 'heavy rifle'.  What an awesome shooter!



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