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Sold Pending Funds: RCBS Green Machine


Bryan Austin:
$600 plus shipping, continental US ONLY

Originally sold as a 38/357 press. Can also be used for 45 Colt, 45 Auto, 44 Magnum and other cartridges with the correct parts. This press has been modified to also work with the 44-40 Winchester cartridge.

Modifications for use with the 44-40:

Honed out the Case Feed Base (pn# 86536) to accept the larger rim of the 44-40 case. Can still be used for all other cases
Honed out one Case Tube Feed Index Wheel hole (pn# 86532) can still be used for all other cases
No other modifications

Parts used for 44-40 operations

Case Transfer Bar for large primers and large base cases such as the 44 Magnum
Adjust Transfer Rails for large cases
Using Large Primer Feed Transfer Bar
Machined out a 38/357 Bullet Seater Guide to use with .429 bullets
Used other than GM dies
Replaced Little Dandy Powder Measure with a Lee Powder Measure
Aftermarket/Custom primer tube (brass)

38/357 Parts Missing for Manufacture Designed Operations

Small Primer Feed Transfer Bar pn# 86758
Expander Drop Tube (case neck expander) pn# 86650
RCBS Rotor for powder drop (rotor pictured is custom for large volume charge of Reloder 7)


Operations Manual/Parts List (40 pages)
#86587 9mm case transfer bar assy.
#86600 38/357 case transfer bar assy.
#? large case/large primer case transfer bar - used
#? 45 Auto case transfer bar (no block) - used
Primer Tray Assembly - used (IMHO junk)
Bullet Seat Link Assembly - used (repaired)
plastic case retainers
front rail - new
front rail - used
Rt & Lt rear case rail - new
Rt & Lt rear case rail - used
Large Primer Transfer Bar - used
Bullet Seater Guide, .44 (I think .429) - machined out 38/357
 #86780 Paws, 38/357
#86599case transfer rail springs
#86792case transfer adjustment gauge
#65793 Primer transfer bar gauges for both small and large
#86604 Pawl Springs
#86718 Bullet Stop Springs
#86712 Bullet Stop Spring .44 Cal. x2
#86717 Seater Plug Coil Spring
#86719 Seat Plug Adjustment Screw
#86671 Bullet Seater Adjustment Stud x3
#86520  Arm Shoulder Bolt Linkage
#86590 case transfer rail spacer
#86541 Cap Screw X2
#86716 Seater Plug Spring Retainer
#86595 Rail Spring Holder x4


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