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Shiloh Sporting Carbines by Bill Goodman (Update)

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Bill Goodman is having a run made of one of the rarest patterns of Sharps rifles of all time.  The "Sporting Carbine".  This is a carbine with a 2 screw rifle forearm. It is thought around 30 of the originals were made.  He has a picture of an original (though a thick lockplate m1869 model) on page 1 of his website.


Dave T:
I would love to have a '74 Carbine in 50-70 with the traditional ladder barrel sight and a silver blade front, leaving off the silhouette shooter's fancy long range sight stuff.  Sorry but a globe front sight on a 22" round barrel is just silly.  YMMV!


Kent Shootwell:
Sellers book says Sharps built 456 model 1874 carbines. Some with barrel band and the rest without.

Marcot has an estimate of around 490 Carbines, 460 military and the remainder civilian.  The carbines with the 2 screw rifle forearms are very, very rare. 

I agree about the sights, The one I have coming is barrel sights only, but I bet Goodman sells these off in a few weeks. 

One thing you'll notice with a carbine in .50-70 is the recoil with full power loads is definitely "noticeable".  You may even get a bruise............



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