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Just FYI Twitter has been cut in half.

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--- Quote from: Major 2 on November 17, 2022, 03:33:03 PM ---Awhile back, after countless invites and many years of avoiding FB.
I had a brain fart and signed up , one of the questions was my birth date.
I didn't care for them to know, so I left it blank....

I actually made my 1st and only post (if that what it's called) that I was on FB.

about 45 mins later, I received a message from FB  "my account was suspended ... Reason? they deemed me TOO YOUNG to be on  ::)....  I'm still suspended

 I can do without the MORONS!

--- End quote ---
Nothing but MORONS at FB. As soon as In get my ducks all lined up, I am say AMF to it forever.


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