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Just FYI Twitter has been cut in half.

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Professor Marvel:
I dont use any so called "social media"; frankly I do not trust any of them.
But For those who actually rely on the thingy to communicate via twit, or tweet or whatsoever
 FYI Twitter workforce has been cut in half.

expect major outages and other "stuff".

prof grumpy


 :)  Ah, The Good Perfesser  ;)

Thank you the timely "Heads Up."  Though I must share I have been following Twerper - er - Twitter soap opera as it has unfolded.  Mr. Tesla has done only exactly what he said he was going to do.

I for one, will be dramatically up-set should these developments result in Twitter going Tango Uniform, as it twer.

Social Media is the Bane of current society.

Remember:  People are Still Hazardous to Yer Health

I don't use Twitter myself, but I do use facebook.

Like MOST corporations, I'm sure Twitter was incredibly top-heavy on the administration side and probably a full 1/2 of those administrators can be eliminated and nobody will notice any difference.

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Rye Miles:
I was on Twitter but I got "Permanently Suspended" 2 years ago and they won't tell me exactly why!  ???
I use Facebook especially for the groups on there like SASS and the local clubs etc. It's a great way to keep in touch with relatives across the country. It's all about who you follow, if you're careful it's quite enjoyable. Twitter can kiss my %^$ >:(

 :)  Gewhiz Rye
Say how ya really feel about Twerper er Twiter


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