Remember Remember the 5th of November Coffee,Tea and grub.

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Major E A Sterner:
The end of the year is closing fast.

Silver Creek Slim:
Morning y'all.
Coffee and tea are hot.

'Tis 26 and hazy. High of 68.


The Trinity Kid:
Morning all.

Dates for the Mrs interview are set at Nov 7-11. So we’ll both fly out, since I guess my presence was requested by the owner. Makes me feel special. ::)

I managed to hurt my back a bit yesterday at work. I think it’s just a pulled muscle, but it’s quite unpleasant. Especially when trying to do anything that involves back muscles. Ibuprofen hopefully knocks the edge off.



--- Quote from: The Trinity Kid on November 01, 2022, 08:08:01 AM ---
Makes me feel special. ::)


--- End quote ---

OK Edward. ::)

Good morning all, TK best wishes and take care of that back. Gonna be real pretty here this week. Goal for the day, finish the coffee. And probably gonna have to buy a new Keurig coffee machine. Got a fancy one, does both the pods and regular pots, but looks like the pod part has crapped out. Since the Missus and g'niece both like the pod cappuccinos, we will need a new one.



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