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Bench top shooting sticks source


Doc Holloman:
Anyone know of a source for x-frame wooden bench top shooting sticks.  Looking for a pair that are screw adjusted with with an attached base.  ( I'm not a good enough carpenter to build anything decent myself.)

Dave T:
Buffalo Arms Company!


Ranch 13:
Cat's shooting sticks, and I believe Shiloh carries some on occasion. SPG might be another source.



I also use these shooting prone.  Great Product!  Also recommend the leather slides they have, far better than the leather strips glued to the sticks.

Doc Holloman:
Thanks all. 

Las t weekend I saw a shooter using a set that was mounted in the front of a wooden tray, which held hes ammo, dope book, etc.  I didn't get a chance to ask, but I will bet he built the tray himself.


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