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Major E A Sterner:
Well, We're that much closer to the evil white stuff falling and the end of the CAS season in the Northeast.

Major 2:
At the U-SEE-UM no damage, power was restored yesterday evening.

Just had my first visitor, an old Vietnam vet wanting cruse memory lane.
I don't expect a lot of flow today though.

Johnny McCrae:

--- Quote ---Well, We're that much closer to the evil white stuff falling
--- End quote ---
I used to pray for the evil white stuff in my skiing days.


Major 2:
9 soles including the Vet....slow day

Major 2:
When I was about 7 years old, my Dad taught me to shoot his Harrington & Richardson Sportsman Mod. 999 22 cal..
 His gun was made in the late 30s, I don't know if he bought it new, but I doubt it.
It looked like the one below without the vented ridge, though some warn in finish, it shot very well.
By the early 1960's Dads gun had moved on.
In 1971 when I was 23, I saw a new model 999 at a Kmart (remember? they sold guns pre-Rosie O'Donald  ::))
I decided to get it for my Dad for Christmas. It came back to me when Dad passed in 1986.

Today it fits a Holster made by Old West Reproductions (actually made for a Schofield)
It brings back fond memories, of the original gun  :) and has its own sentimental history as well.



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