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Looking for a Sharps .45-70 long range load

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Doc Holloman:
One of our local clubs has a long range course that starts at 75 yards and works it's way out, and uphill, to 450 yards.  I want to give it a try with my Pedersoli Sharps ( Sniper model-- not the ideal choice but it is what I've got.  ). I keep finding conflicting information on loads in my manauls, with one manual's starting trapdoor load  greater than another's max load.  I don't shoot black powder and  am not ready to start on this.  Right now I have 300 and 405gr coated, non gas checked bullets. I know guys getting 1800 fps with 405 s out of a high wall.  Probably not going to get that with a Sharps.  Suggestions?

Kent Shootwell:
I would start with the 405 at about 1200 FPS, in this shooting velocity is not your friend. None of my smokeless loads have shot as well as black powder but you may find the magic.

I have a Pedersoli Trapdoor.   I tried smokeless and it just did not like it.    I moved to 60 grains of FFG Goex and a 405 grain bullet from Missouri Bullet Co.    It is much happier and it is as accurate as it is going to be in my hands, with open sights.   

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Ranch 13:
 You would do well to find a bullet that is at least 1.3 inches long, to utilize the 18 twist in the barrel, with a diameter to match the throat of your rifle.
 Then load it to around 1200-1300 fps



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