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New Shiloh Buffalo Rifle

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Coal Creek Griff:
I had Shiloh make me a rifle with (mostly) copies an original buffalo rifle from the early 1870s.  It's a Hartford model with a 30 inch heavy barrel in 44-77.  They even (sort of) duplicated the original style caliber markings on the barrel.  Here are some photos.  The one with the white background is an original similar to mine.

I need to work on my handloads, but I cobbled together five rounds today just to try it out.  The smoke and boom transported me back in time, just as I hoped it would...


Coal Creek Griff:
More pictures:

Kent Shootwell:
Nice, the bone case is the way to go!

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Coal Creek Griff:

--- Quote from: Kent Shootwell on August 27, 2022, 08:05:10 PM ---Nice, the bone case is the way to go!

--- End quote ---

I agree!  I wasn't originally going to go that route, but a misunderstanding caused a significant delay in my order.  To help ease the pain of the additional wait time, and because I now had time to save a little more, I added bone and charcoal case hardening to the order.  I'm glad that I did!


Pay Dirt Norvelle:
That is a great Shiloh Rifle.  I know you will get many years use out of it.  My Shiloh is now in the production window.  Maybe I will get it before the end of the year as I ordered it in March of 2021. ;D  It is a 45/70 with a 30" barrel and not much in the way of addons. 


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