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Thoughts on the Browning model 78 High Wall clone?


Doc Holloman:
While scanning through Gunbroker for a possible trapdoor purchase, I ran across the Browning 78 in .45-70, a Highwall clone.  I have a Browning-Miroku 1895  in .30-40 that I am happy with.  Wondering if the 1883 clones are just as good.  It has a 24 inch barrel which might wrok well for my Cody Dixon rifle.   I have been using a Sharps, but find the loading process too slow to be competitive, even against trapdoors.  Thinking maybe moving the Sharps over to the long range bench. 

Doc sends

Blackpowder Burn:
The Brownings and Winchester Highwalls are outstanding rifles.  I have one of the Browning BPCR's I've used for long range (1,000 yards) for many years.  I also have a Winchester Highwall sporter in 45-70 that I use for Cody Dixon. I have also used the Winchester sporter out to 600 yards with excellent results. I love them both.

I also have several friends that have the Winchester sporter version in both 38-55 and 45-70. Also one of the Low Wall versions in 22 LR.   All shoot exceptionally well.

Gotta say .. it was the Winchester Model 1885 Highwall that was a "clone" of the original Browning rifle, not the other way around!

Browning designed this action, and marketed it as the Model 1878 for a number of years, before selling the design to Winchester, who wanted to add a good, reliable single-shot rifle to their product line, bringing it out as their Model 1885 …

Browning refers to its more recent-production rifles as the Model 78 as a nod to this history ...

Here is an original Model 1878 Browning rifle, with an inset of its barrel markings ...

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