Coffee and Tea on a very Independent July

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Kid, sorry, the 32 pistol bullet is 0.312 for jacketed and most of us run 0.314 for cast in the 32 S&W aka short but not part of the original name, The SW long, the H&R 32 mag that I shoot with the so called Ruger only loads which is pretty much the same as the 327 Smith round, long story but part of the problem they made a cluster mess at first and the factory 32 mag originally called H&R is loaded to 38 pressure and with my single six, not single 7 because they added a round, but mine has thicker wall in the cylinder than a super Black Hawk and when Ruger added it know what could be done and reading what some of the gurus were doing with it, aka gun writers that were real gun writers.   I chomped at the bit for just a few years, having 2 young children kinda slowed things down.  In 88 I got a Christmas bonus big enough to cover one besides making above average wages for the time and even told the wife that was all I really needed and bought the pistol, the dies and a friend found 200 cases at a gun show and I was off and running.   Had some 32 Long brass I got cheap for plinkers but didn't  last as long as the Federal mag brass and then Starline brought out 32 mag and it was cheaper and lasted even longer but either brand corrosion and plain losing is my biggest enemy, the Federal I have most of it but since it is really old instead of sorta old I use it for plinkers and most of the original 200 are still around although Dad bought one which mom gave the nephew on his 21st birthday with the approval of his 2 girl cousins, his dad and uncle, mom asked and we all thought it was right because he spent his summer vacations with Grandpa after he had the heart attack.  That way Dad could go to the farm with out severe worry on the rest of us because grandpa had a cell phone and like all of us the kid learned to drive when he could reach the pedals and the 4 wheeler earlier.

Yacked to long but the 32 Special uses a 0.321 bullet like the 32-40 and the 8mm is a hair to big in jacketed.  32 auto uses the same as that line of 32s but lighter and the 32 Colt and long use 0.299.   

Did that all with out looking it up, all the long term memory came back with some extra, remembered a poem about fall and asters from 3rd grade the other day, wife almost dumped me on the side of the road.   Short term is getting better but the coffee cup is the biggest problem, got two alike I keep out and more for back up if needed, but have only lost one at a time the last couple weeks.

Went back on hydrocodone Dr gave me my choice, advantage of being old and sober 37 years, could have had better, but 1-4 a day every 6 hours and a cup of coffee keeps me mostley pain free and awake, not driving again for safety.  MRI with contrast Thursday, problally if we are right a minor scope back surgery to remove what is likely a build up in the siatic nerve hole in spine, very new surgery report for cuzzin says he went home the next day and feels better than in years, he retired at 62 because of it.

Tomorrow is the endoscope for the hiatal hernia, fix may be then and there, may be a scope surgery or maybe more, and maybe not at all, know more later.   

Friend wanted to learn, ran the black R2D2 looking smoker yesterday for first time in 3 years, went well, hardwood smoke did not re4ally bother me, pine does even 500-600 miles away.  We just used charcoal and the dead twigs on my backyard pin oak, had to fight the dog he wanted our sticks.  Will try to get the kids to cut me some short stuff, likely mulberry when they cut wood this fall, also thinking why not manually feed it pellet grill pellets.   Those things are kinda like 6.5 Creedmoores, useful but only Yuppies and Hipsters admit to using them. ;D  If you don't know why it's a long story but a fun thing for us old pharts with nothing to do but be old pharts picking on the youngsters a noble occupation for us semi useless old guys.  Got a nice message from a younger fella in Oakland yesterday telling me to never stop, I remind him of his grandpa, teases and teaches at the same time, love those type messages in secret.

Going to but on my red plaid jammies some day, get a cup and the picture for memes since that is a popular platform, could be fun.   Got to go get dishes done, slept late, probably will nap and then sit up most the night to avoid having to get up about 5 am, can have black coffee till 3 am asked the lady if there was any other way to drink it, the lady said I was the most fun patient interview in a long time.    ;D


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