Coffee and Tea on a very Independent July

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Russ T Chambers:
Seems everyone forgot the new month, so I guess I'lll start it off.

Major 2:
 HUH ! Dang if it ain't  :o

That's what they do, they ask you who you are the, the day the month and the year and if you know where you are.

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Yeesh, took all day at the dealer to get a 1/2 hour job done. We've owned 6 Hyundais in a row, but this dealer down here has me doubting if we get another one next year. We were SPOILED by a great dealer up North. Hope this got the mischief out of the way for this month!

Silver Creek Slim:
Evening y'all.
I was called into verk early because of issues.  ::)

Looking forward to 3 days off.

Need to replace the A/C belt on the Avalanche. Of course, the main serpentine belt has to be taken off to put the A/C on.  ::)



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