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Hello and HELP?

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Capt. Curly Strait:
Hello to All! 

I am what you might consider a "reload" to Cowboy Action Shooting.  Joined SASS in 2009, shot a few matches, then "had to hang up my spurs" due to work and family obligations.  Just renewed my SASS membership and started exploring the CAS Forums at the suggestion of my new shootin' partner in the CAS world.  I live in WI and will be shooting in WI, MN, and at least one match in ND next year.  Very happy to be back in the saddle.

That's the "Hello", here's the "Help".  I have an 1886 in 45-70 built brand, spankin' new in 1887.  It's mechanically sound, but its original lumber has passed on.  I have begun fitting a replacement stock set, but cannot find a crescent buttplate for the "early" model 1886 anywhere, for love or money.  I have scoured the interwebs, finding replacements for the late models only.  My serial is 11405.

So, at the suggestion of my pard, I am reaching out to y'all in hopes of finding this crucial, but elusive butt-part.

Not sure how all this works, but I'll learn as I go, I 'spect.  Thought I should start here on the 1886 forum.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions, your time, and knowledge!  Lookin' forward to showing' y'all how fast I can miss.

Most Respectfully,

Captain Curly Strait

Try Jack First in Rapid City SD.

Capt. Curly Strait:
Thank you Sir!  Hope to meet you and show you how quick I can miss.


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Cptn Curley St.

I don't know if these can help in your search but--when I was hunting a few years back with my .33, I tripped and fell and cracked the plastic butt plate to where it was a mess so I began a search for a replacement one.  So, I did find an outfit that sold me the one I got on the rifle now and it is a steel one off a Model 71 that fits perfectly.  Here is the name and address of that outfit if you are interested:  Bob Knapp-"therbobwnchester.com".  and here are two others that offered but were a bit unreasonable in price.  "TreeBone Carving--treebone@earthlink.net  and Bobs Gun Shop--"gunparts@hsnp.com"  Don't know if these are still going concerns but it don't cost nuthin to holler!  good luck in your search.

Capt. Curly Strait:

Thank you very much!!!!  I?ll try them.


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