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Hello Everyone,

I am a new member to the Forum and would appreciate any advice. I am loading Hornady 350 grain RN bullets, per data from the Hornady manual, 9th Edition, with 43 grains of 4198. My Caldwell chronograph records a five shot average of 1,870 FPS at 10 feet. Anyway, this load from my unaltered carbine, shoots 10 inches high at 100 yards and 8 inches high at 175 yards, printing a three inch group.  Also load some Oregon trail 405 grain lead bullets with 35 grains, 3031 , but these print 5 inches low at 100 yards- so must flip up  the carbine sight for them to be accurate. Hope to use the Hornady load for Elk hunting this Fall here in Colorado. Do I need a  higher front sight to bring down my group? Any suggestions are appreciated. ???

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
I had a higher frontsight put on mine. Lever action rifles seem sensitive to load levels. Typically hotter loads shoot lower.

I suggest finding a good "service load" that is effective and accurate for your purposes, then do what you have to do to have it spot on. If for hunting, I expect you will be shooting at various ranges up to about 200 yards. For that, a spot-on sighting in range might be about 150 yards, then learn your holds. Your mileage may vary, as the saying goes.

Thanks very much, Sir Charles. The 150 yard sight in seems like a sound suggestion. Maybe I should tone down my loads and see if that affects my accuracy. It may also be easier on my shoulder! Might do this before paying a gunsmith to put on a higher front sight ::)


PJ Hardtack:
Find a smokeless load that is the ballistic equivalent of a BP load. I've taken two moose with such a load and the moose obligingly dropped dead.

The mistake most people make with a 45-70 is to regard it as a sub-.458 Win Mag, especially with a carbine.


Thank you, PJ.  I am open to suggestions. Do you know of some BP equivalent loads using 4198 for the 405 grain lead or 350 grain jacketed bullets?   I went to the mountains shooting the Browning SRC yesterday using my current loads and they kick like an angry mule. . . 


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