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Been enjoying my Chiappa .50-70 carbine so much, I decided I needed a Shiloh again.  This one will be a #3 with Shotgun butt, metal buttplate, Ebony pistol grip, bedded forend, pack-hardened action, 30" polished round barrel, .50-70.  Should run just under 12 pounds with sights mounted.  This one should be a lot of fun working up Croft Barkers 600 grain midrange loads.  

Current wait time is 18 months or so.  Take me that long to save up for it!  

The Pathfinder:
Sounds like you're again snagged by the bug. I've been really lucky in that I never had to give up my Shiloh to add to the stable. My 50-70 carbine is one of the old Garret Sharps, not sure how they compare to the Chiappas. Accidentally(?) acquired a Rolling block barrel in 50-70 once, and then started getting together the parts to build it into a rifle. Somehow I also ended up with a real New York Rolling Block, the Garret, a Spencer carbine in 56-50, and am on the lookout for a reasonable 50-70 Springfield. Somewhere along the line I seem to remember telling myself that the Shiloh and a Peabody in 45-70 were all I would ever need, now I seem to be addicted to bigger fatter cartridges. Oh well, according to my kids I'll get over it someday...and then they'll get to play with them while I rot in the ground. ;D

As my son has told me:  "You keep this one, dammit!"   Never really wanted to sell the others, but sometimes needs must . . .

I've got a pretty good write up on the Chiappa,, with pictures,  in the Barracks.  Its a keeper I think, and will be my field/skirmish Sharps.  The Shiloh will be reserved for precision work. 

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Blackpowder Burn:
I recently got ahold of an original Sharps 50-70 carbine.  It was built in 1876 and has a 26" barrel, which, according to Sellers, is pretty unusual.  The rifle is overall in very sound condition with a good barrel.  Just starting to tinker with loads and looking forward to seeing what the old girl will do.

If she could only speak!

PJ Hardtack:
Like a lot of guns, it's hard to own just one Sharps.

I got my first Sharps, a Farmingdale Business Rifle in 45-70 by trading an original Hi Wall in 40-60 for it. Still have it and will not part with it. With it's heavy barrel, it's a joy to shoot from prone x-sticks.

It was followed by a Farmingdale .50 '63 Military Rifle the owner let go for $500! How could I say no? It was shortly joined by a Farmingdale .50 '63 SRC I traded an unused 6mm Rem for.

The Shiloh 50-70 Military Rifle and carbine were next, and the last was a No. 1 Sporter (pewter nose cap, etc.) in 45-70 I bought off Shiloh's 'ready rack'. I'm still getting to know this rifle. The only one I ordered specifically was the 50-70 carbine.

The 50-70 is an excellent calibre for CAS events and an even better hunting calibre. I don't think I'd want to go thru' what Croft Barker did to make a 50-70 into a viable long range rifle. The thought of launching 600 gr bullets holds utterly no appeal for me. I tried a few in my Military Rifle and sold the mould to a very happy owner of a British double rifle.

The agony of waiting for a custom ordered Shiloh Sharps is one of the most pleasant form of angst known to man.


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