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Only took 2 years plus...

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Started out with a new Winchester RME Foundation limited edition, take down, pistol grip, 45-70.  Chopped it to 22", punched it out to 45-90, welded up the tang safety, added a Browning hammer and parts and "fixed" the engraving by adding more and pealing off most of the gold inlay.  I do like it now :)   Gave up on the shotgun butt when after a year and a half the stock maker finished the new wood and wanted $1800 after quoting me $600 of which I paid $300 up front.  ::)    Just happy to get the damn thing back!

Baltimore Ed:
WOW. Nice! I'll never bitch about my builds taking too long or being too pricey again.

dusty texian:
Wow! Yahoody that 86 came out beautiful !  Man you have  good taste , ,,,DT

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Thank you gentlemen.  Now I just need to finish my '76 ;D

dusty texian:
Look forward to seeing the 76 '. Looking at the 86 PG . makes me wish I had bought a PG instead of the St. grip . ,,DT


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