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Overcome by 1886 temptation.

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Buckaroo Lou:

Of course you are absolutely correct and your perceptiveness is most keen. ;) You undoubtedly have a discerning eye and an acute ability in accurately diagnosing the true nature of the situation.  :-[  Darn, I thought I had hid my motive so well, I am certain it was the hiccups that gave it away.  ;D

NO one needs an '86 Winchester... BUT all you have to do is pick one up, work the action, and chances are you won't lay it down again until it is part of your collection! The first antique rifle I ever saw (in a gun store in downtown San Francisco in 1962, no less) was a well-used (no finish) '86 in .45-90! Sadly, I traded it away, but having been bitten by the bug, picked up others over the years...when I could afford them.  Always managed to keep at least one around, including refurbished and rebuilt rifles, depending on what my fancy and exchequer could manage.  :)


Couldn't agree more.  I even got a 32-20 Model 92.  I kind of fell into that one but that is a keeper also.  We used to raise EMU's until they got sick so I used that little '92 to send them into the burial pit.  That is a fun gun to shoot and that 32-20 caliber is just a pop and no recoil to speak of.  I would not mind having a M-73 in that caliber but they are spendy and scarce as hens'teeth especially at Gun Shows so  just have to be happy with what I got.  My 45-90 and the 40-82's are too big for doing in EMU's and that 32-20 was just right.  I sure do like my lever guns.  Even got a couple of Marlin 45-70's--one is my daughter's.  Great little deer rifles.  Hope this helps but just sort of like to blab now and then.

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