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Show me some pics of your 86's

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I know there are some 86's out there, let's show them.

Scattered Thumbs:
Too lazy to go take another picture. So bear with the C96.  ::)

King Medallion:
My Browning 1886 SRC. "Brutus"

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Coal Creek Griff:
Here is my Miroku "Winchester" 1886.  It has been a great rifle.  The photo doesn't show the whole thing, but we pretty much know what they look like.

CC Griff

This is my .45-70 round barrel rifle.  I replaced the rear sight with an 1895 Smith Enterprises sight, and it works great.  By the way, if you need a great belt for one of these, get it from Old West Reproductions (our own Buck Stinson).  Outstanding quality, and you won't find anything more authentic!


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