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Octagonal Barrel:

--- Quote from: PJ Hardtack on September 10, 2014, 02:30:55 PM ---It boils down to this - you're entitled to your opinion. It just can't be expressed on CasCity.
--- End quote ---
PJ, I always appreciate your opinions and knowledge.  I disagree on only one point.  I personally think that often inflammatory posts aren't made of inflammatory ideas or positions.  They're made of inflammatory language.  Often dissenting opinions can be shared within the framework of CAS City, and it would be a loss not to hear them.  But when dissenting opinions get shared by means of inflammatory language, that's consistently when thing spiral out of control, and that's when a moderator is forced to earn his or her keep, and enter the saloon shooting.

Simply not expressing a dissenting opinion is always an option, and it would preserve the peace.  But I personally doubt CAS City would be enriched by that peace.  It would be much better if some would learn to share their opinions without casting dispersions or belittling those who don't agree.  In the old days, some towns insisted you leave your guns at the sherrif's office.  CAS City could do the same, and insist we check our tongues and fingers at the moderator's office, and go through town unarmed.  But I bet CAS City would become a ghost town if the Founding Fathers insisted on that.  It would be much better to learn to express one's opinion as it is, and then stop without adding commentary or dispersions.

Clearly, I am on a soap box, and someone better stop me before I lather myself in public.  I deeply value diversity and dissent.  I don't value inflammatory remarks.  That's the essence of my comment.  Better practice what I preach and stop here.

PJ Hardtack:
I hear you, but I know that some have ceased to subscribe as they felt that some were given free rein to rant whereas they were shut down for responding in kind. They didn't feel the hammer was being fairly applied.

I am on other gun forums where the gloves are off. A spade is called a spade and so long as the language is non-inflammatory. NO topic is censored as gun owners are facing unprecedented attack and too much is at stake to pretend that it isn't happening.

That isn't entirely true as I have been censored twice on one of those forums for drawing a comparison between the tactics of the RCMP of late and the Gestapo. My comments thought to be "hurtful" to any LEO's that might be subscribers! They didn't disagree with me in principle.

Subsequently, some of those very LEO's have shown their true colours when speaking out in favour of the militarization of police forces over the last decade. So who's zooming who?

Avoiding the unpleasant truth is not doing us any favours.

Forty Rod:
"when a moderator is forced to earn his or her keep".

What?  Do you mean to tell me that Cammie gets paid to do this?  NO, she's having way too much fun.  She should be paying us.   ;D

That said, I expect to be off the site until she cools down.  Might be a long spell.    ::)



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