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My attempt


Major 2:
So's not to highjack another thread... :)

I made this one from an old Farriers Hoof Rasp, the Grip is black walnut with steel pins.
Photo's are not that great and does not show the file work relief.

Going for an early 1840's look...and deliberately did not do a guard

River City John:
Nice, Major 2,
looks like it has some heft to it.

Dr. Bob:
Good looking knife!  I'd be happy to borrow it from you if I get the chance!! :o ;D  Getting it back might be a problem. ::) ;)

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Major 2:
It is quite blade heavy and nearly 1/4 thick ....its is hefty.

Bob your honest to fault  ;) ....

Dr. Bob:
Well, friends deserve fair warning!! ::) ;)  It is one great looking knife!! ;D


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