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A little Sheffield help needed...


Lone Gunman:
In my travels this week I came across a couple of 'antique' Sheffield made bowies. While they appear authentic, any good fake would.  I usually have a camera with me but forgot it this time so I'll have to rely on these generic photos.   One was very similar to the top one in this photo except it has polished bone scales:

On one side it is marked 'Sheffield' and on the other 'Gravely & Weeks'.  Should the 'Gravely & Weeks' stamping necessarily be right above 'Sheffield' on the same side?  Does being stamped on opposite sides indicate it's a fake or were some stamped that way?

The other was a spear-point similar to this:

It bears a single stamping of just 'HILL' (which I initially thought was 7718   ::) ). 

Anyone care to venture an opinion? They certainly appear to have a period patina, but that's so easy to do these days.

Are there any specific 'fail-safe' ways of determining a true antique bowie?  Do are 'real' Sheffield made knives have that inscription inlay on the scales?  Does that inlay have a specific name?

'Monterrey' Jack Brass:
Geo W - I'm no expert on the subject, not even close at any level. However am trying to get one for you. Check the PM I sent. Will let you know how (if) it turns out.



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