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An Old Harness/Round Knife


I posted this in the leather forum in te thread on round knives, but thought I'd repost it here.  Another bargin out of the kitchenware section of a thrift store.

One side

Other side:

And the side of the handle:

I looked it over real good last night, I'm not sure what it was made out of, but I'd guess a saw blade.  It appears to have been cut out hot with a chistle, then straightened with a hammer by a very skilled blacksmith.  You can feel a lot of hammer marks in it, but can't really see but a few.  From the scale on it, I'd guess it was heat treated when done.

BTW the riviet is lead.

Hey Del, I have looked closely and caint tell much difference between the two sides. :P
Are you sure you got the photo the right way round??? ;D


Yep, look at the rivet and also notice the blade is not even. ;)

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