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My Old Butcher Knife


Shotgun Steve:
I found this old butcher at a second hand shop. I paid $1.00 for it. The blade is unmarked but takes and holds an edge you can shave with. The handle looks like black ash burl?? Its my favorite butcher knife.

Shotgun Steve

The Elderly Kid:
That was a dollar well spent. That knife would look right at home on the belt of a frontiersman, mountain man or buffalo hunter, as well as in the kitchen of the homestead. Is the bolster cast pewter? Whatever, it was a quality item when it was new. I'd love to know its history.

Shotgun Steve:
Howdy Kid....yes Sir the bolster is cast pewter. I don't know if the handles are original to the knife but they are a nice looking piece of wood. Take care.
 Shotgun Steve

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Dr. Bob:
Howdy S. Steve,

What a wonderful looking knife!  I have to wipe the drool off of my vest now! :o ::) ;)


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