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A knife set

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Steel Horse Bailey:
Good lookin'.


--- Quote from: Mogorilla on February 18, 2009, 08:11:58 PM ---Those are great looking handles, nice grain on that.    

--- End quote ---

I got lucky about 15 years ago, was at a city park at a family picnic for a friends family, the rental shelter had a fire place and their was scrap wood there, including some awful nice walnut.  Decided it was a crime to burn the nice stuff, so I stole it.

I think it's scrap from one of the trophy shops.  I need to check them out and see if they'd let me look through their scrap.  But keep an eye out for old trophys on walnut at thrift stores and garage sales.  I have some maple also, scrap from the old Hatfield Gun Company in St. Joe, a late friend worked there.

A guy at work brought me a 9"X5"X2' piece of nice walnut a while back.  It's from Virginia and has that reddish cast like the old Winchesters like my Low-Wall has.  If I understand right, this darker stuff is mostly from AR and MO, climate has a lot to do with the look of walnut.

BTW looking through someones wood pile will often yeild some nice pieces, all it takes is a bandsaw to slab it out or it can be done by hand with a ripsaw.  I always cut my wood in half down the center and flip it if I can.  Makes it match real close on each side.


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