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A knife set

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I made these back in 1995, a buffalo hunters set, I made the knives out of an old masonary saw blade and the steel out of an old round file.  I ground the teeth off it and polished out the griner marks by wet sanding up and down with 180 grit wet and dry sandpaper.

The wood is all from the same piece.

I don't like the sheaves I made for them, I plan on making one of the one piece one's sometime.

A working set, have never skinned a buffalo with them but they've skinned quite a few deer.

Those are great looking handles, nice grain on that.   I will take a nice slice of roasted buffalo tongue please. 

Leo Tanner:
I'll take the hide.  It's still cold around here an nothin's sexier than a woman wrapped in a nice buffalo robe :D

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Willie Dixon:
mmmm.... buffalo!

nice knife set Del!

... and it's "only" in a Buffalo robe, right Leo!? ;D :o

Ace Lungger:
Howdy Del,
 Nice looking set of knifes!!


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