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blade by my dad

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This is a knife blade my father made about 30 years ago.   I was about 12 and he made three of them out of broken band saw blades.  He literally screwed some wood onto the tang and used them as garden knives.  He passed about 11 years ago and when cleaning out the house I only found the one.   I was just getting into the hobby so I obtained the guard from Dixie and the antler is a shed my mother-in-law found, she is the queen of finding them.     It appears in many of my photos and is always on my belt when I shoot.   

St. George:
A wonderful way to remember your Dad...


Scouts Out!

Leo Tanner:
That is one fine pig sticker, glad you found it. 

I want yer pistols ;D

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Dr. Bob:
Great memories every time you pick it up!!  You did good with the guard and handle.  A fine looking knife!! ;D

Willie Dixon:
what a great memory for your dad, he'd be proud that's a beautiful knife.


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