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Some knife pictures


Well I'll break in this new forum with some pictures of some of the knives I've restored.  As most know I run a cook camp, I search the thrift stores and garage sales for decent knives to restore.  I often get decent ones for a $1 or so.  The best ones I keep for my home kitchen and my cook gear, others I pass on to friends that are seetting up a cook camp.

This is one of my keepers, paid 99 cents for it at a Goodwill, had some rust pitting and broken grips.  It is a Russell Forge skinning knife like Dixie gun Works sells.

I put some nice Black Walnut grips on it.

After a summer in my camp the grips will take on a look to match the rest of the knife.

I also have found a perfect product to use on wood grips kitchen knives.  I simply put coats of Canola Oil on them till they won't absorb any more.  Rape seed oil which is what the stuff was called before it became a cooking oil, was used in some marine applications be cause it provides good protection from water.  When washed it dish water it holds up far better tahn linseed oil and just needs a wipe down with a oily rag once it a while to keep the finish up.

Curley Cole:
Here are some of my favorite knives. The middle one was the first one I got, and it is the most "rustic" They are made by J. Jacobs from Oregon. I got the first one at a craft show about 22 years ago. I then came upon him a couple of years ago and got the small "mini Bowie", and that knife has the sweetest balance, and also keeps a great blade. I then got the big boy. I had RedDog leather make sheaths for all of them.

I later got a wooden handled knife for Old Top, as he doesn't much like the bone.antler..I have since lost track of this maker.

hope you enjoy them


Leo Tanner:
Some fine examples there.  Gotta pull out my stash an post some, the only one I have on hand is a pocket pen engraved "Christmas 1923".



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