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At Last! A forum about knives of the Old West!


Jake MacReedy:
Very happy to see this part of the forum opening!  I've been an afficionado of knnives of the Old West for quite a number of years.  I recently placed an order with John Nowill & Sons of Sheffield, England for a number of their fine, hand-forged Bowie blades, so that I could make some good ol' Sheffield Bowies of the type carried and used out West.  When I finish some of them, I will post pics here on ther Forum.


River City John:
Yes, this should be a welcome addition to Cas City.

Thank you St. George, and others who may be responsible, for all you do to keep these forums of interest.


Major 2:
That's the neet thing about this Forum..we ask and they come through  ;D

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Dr. Bob:
 A great big THANKS to Marshal H. & St. George.

Silver Creek Slim:
I just found this place today.
Thanks Marshal H and St George.



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