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Since Slim will move this to here anyway cause Annie 'cused me of tellin' tales in the "Slim Gets Busted Thread" I'll just put it here to begin with. >:( >:( >:( ;)

-BQ was invented by a Neanderthal Man by a near miss of lightning while he was coming home from a succesful hunt. After he went and changed his fur he came back and the Wooly Mammoth he was bringing home was slightly burnt. They family loved it and shared it with a thousand of their friends. This went over so well that Gronk started a chain of -BQ eatin caves. These caves had pictures of the common animals of the area, one just pointed to the species one wanted and the piece. (such as a horse's a**, er I mean ham.

These pictures have bothered scientist types since they were first found. So if there are any acheyoligists, or is it arkeoooligist, er folks who dig up dead folks out there, that is why the pictures are on the walls of caves.
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Silver Creek Slim:
I never knew that. Now, I is ejaca... learnt.  ;D


Ug- ar grunt (I'd like 3 bones of mamath ribs), ar ar ur (with fries)

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Now, just what in tarnation is BQ?  Is that some yankee way of saying Barbicue, Barbique, Barbeque, Barbecue, Barbacue, Barbaque, Barbicu', Bar-B-Que, Bar-B-Cue, Bar-Be-Que, Bar-B-Q, BBQ, Cue, Q, or the supposed original: Barbacoa?  No matter what... you's missing a letter.

Delmonico looks at Trinity's post and bangs his head on the wall fewr a miniute.  He them minimizes
Cas City and drags down FAVORITES, clickin' on a site he copies it and then maximizes Cas-City.  He then clicks on paste.

Now Trinity - equals Bar in cattle brands.  -BQ is the cattle brand read as Bar Bee Que.  The first foreman of the XIT ranch in Texas had a last name of Cambell and was called Bar Bee Que Cambell cause his brand he had registared in his name was -BQ.  Sorry, don't m'member his first mname but I could go upstairs and look it up. ;D ;D ;D   

But yer OK, ya got the West Indies Barbacoa right. ;)

Now ya know why ribs and brisket are so popular for real -BQ (Not grill it on the patio, tain't real
Bar Bee Que.)


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