Beer Drinkin', Racin' 'n Football

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Dunno cause I ain’t never laid hand nor eye on either but I’ve read the Toyota is almost a carbon copy of the Dodge engine from the top down.

Ford heads, for some stupid reason, have always had tiny ports. Not enough meat to open ‘em up. They build two good sets in the Boss ‘n Cleveland – then discontinue the things.

Rooster, I thought you were bringin’ the beer.

litl rooster:
no I got the steaks....

Missouri Marshal:
I don't know nuthin about NASCAR but the Toyota V8 is the most powerful gas truck engine on the market.

Dodge 5.7L HEMI - 345hp with 375fp torq.
Chevy 6.0L Vortec MAX = 367hp with 375fp torq.
Ford 5.4L Triton = 300hp with 365fp torq, the V10 Triton only makes 362hp but does make 457fp torque
Toyota 5.7L IForce = 381hp with 401fp torq.


Apples ‘n oranges cousin. Ain’t neither of ‘em racin’ has ever seen the street. They racin’ motors from the werd go. Kinda like a 190 HP in a 3100 pound truck with a real stiff suspension myself.

The Ford is based on a 351. Heads cast off a set of hand built ones by Robert Yates. That’s what cousin Carl was runnin’ Monday. Yates know how ‘n Jack’s money.

The Chevrolet is engineer designed from the ’55 265.

Chrysler’s thing never was, Toyota’s either. Built from scratch.

Ya bring the charcoal, Rooster? I’ll go get the Bud Light. Long necks.

Steel Horse Bailey:
Oh, Mabel!  Black Mabel!!


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