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Uberti, Pietta and other SAA Clones / Re: My new-to-me open-top
« Last post by Abilene on Today at 11:21:47 PM »
Nice.  Grips look like Uberti's SAA competition grips via various importers.  Coffinmaker should be along to tell you that it won't be worth a damn until you fix the short arbor  :D .  See if you can drop a #10 split washer (or whatever) down the arbor hole and still get it to go together.  Do you know how old it is?  Some of my newer ones didn't need this.  But it tightened up some loose arbors on my older well-used conversions.
I got that book for Christmas this year!  ;D
Uberti, Pietta and other SAA Clones / Re: My new-to-me open-top
« Last post by RRio on Today at 09:26:14 PM »
Looks good.   ;)
I know this is old news to most here but it’s fascinating to me! I would really like to know more about that .455 cartridge and in fact ALL of the cartridge development for the 1876….how the heck did they draw brass back then????? ???
Uberti, Pietta and other SAA Clones / My new-to-me open-top
« Last post by Buckaroo Lou on Today at 08:43:05 PM »
I recently bought this open-top in 45 Colt. After getting it I realized the grip frame (backstrap and trigger guard) were not original to the revolver nor were the grips but I decided I didn't care. I striped the blueing from the revolver because I wanted it to look older and used but not abused. The guy who owned it previously had buggered the grip frame screws pretty bad so I ordered new ones and replaced the buggered up ones. I also cleaned and honed the rough edges from the internal parts and lightened the hammer and trigger/bolt springs and it is much smoother now. I haven't yet made it to the gun range to see how she shoots but hope to before to long since I have a new rifle I want to shoot as well. Here is what she looks like.

Upcoming Musters / Re: Proposed Div Illinois Musters for 2023
« Last post by LT Col Long on Today at 08:29:30 PM »
Well I goofed both dates and Div Il musters are all approved and set for 29 April and 29 July as per the Good Guys Posse BOD.  As always we are weather  watching as we shoot on private property.  Special guest has been approved for the July match along with some other entertainment.
Any questions feel free to pm me and I will do my best!!

My Uberti has a good barrel and I wanted to try it out at longer ranges so its got a soule style tang sight (I made it) with adjustable eyepiece and a Lyman tunnel foresight with changeable inserts
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Loading Data for the 50/95WCF
« Last post by DrummerBoy on Today at 07:18:47 PM »
Howdy Black River Smith,
Thanks for the detailed lesson! I’m off to cabelas!!!
Spencer Shooting Society / Re: Annealing the brass?
« Last post by greyhawk on Today at 06:48:04 PM »
Guys ? does it have to be this complexicated??

I stand em up in a tray of water (limits the heat transfer down the case - set the water level wherever ya want) - do about 50 at the time
Put on sunglasses and turn the workshop lights off - Have at it with the oxy torch - when ya see green in the flame tip him over into the water and move to the next one (use a bamboo meat skewer for the tipping bit - saves burning end off fingers)
Annealing is absurdly simple and super effective.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Loading Data for the 50/95WCF
« Last post by Black River Smith on Today at 05:22:52 PM »
Go to Harbor Freight and buy anyone of these Dial Calipers.  They will be better than what it sounds like you have been working with.

Now for pulling bullets there are several ways.  The two easiest and cheapest are -- 1. If you have a reloading press.  the cheapest way is go to Harbor Freight and buy an electrical wire stripper like this -- ---

With no die in the press put your bullet in the shell holder and raise it to the top of the stroke.  The lead bullet should rise above the threads and to the top of the press.  Then take the 'cheap wire stripper', spread them apart so that the teeth of the bottom section of the handles, that section that would strip different diameter wires are lined up around the lead bullet and the tool lays flat on the top of press.  Squeeze the teeth into the lead (Only) but not real hard.  Now while holding the handles in one hand use the other to slowly raise the press handle which will pull the casing from the lead bullet.  Go real slow since they are loaded with powder.  Also, do not touch the press die threads or you may damage them.

If your press stroke will not get the lead above the top of the press then go to this approach.

2. Buy an impact hammer from Amazon --

PS -- I had to use method #1 when method #2 would not remove the bullets.
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