Author Topic: Got this new (TO ME) 66 improved Henry  (Read 2562 times)

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Got this new (TO ME) 66 improved Henry
« on: May 11, 2006, 09:22:40 PM »
Got a lightly used 38 special carbine just about 3 months ago in 66 Winny (Improved Henry).  It has this really unusual rear sight.  It is a notched rear sight with a flip up key-hole arangement.  It may be authentic but it must have been designed for a lot younger eyes than I have.  The gun will cycle 125 grain RNFP bullets loaded in 357 cal, brass just fine.  Unfortunately it shoots about 8 inches low off the bench at 30 yrds with the notch and about 8 inches high with the Key-hole fliped up.  Anyone ever experienced this sight (357 cases loaded with 38 special loadings due to brass chamber and fear of high gas presure)?  Trying the same slug in a 38 special, the gun will not cycle due to the OAL being too short.  Another good reason to either try a longer slug or hold out putting the slug in the brass past the crimp grove.  This still will not correct the darn thing from shooting low with sloted rear sight. 

Will the longer length of the 357 case cause problems to the chamber?  It does seem to bind a little just as the chamber is closed on the end of the lever closing using the longer cases?

I do not have a trigger gage but I am guessing the triger pull on this gun is way over 10 lbs.  Is there anyway a fella can lighten the pull with out a gun smith?  I really like the little riffle, but unless I tip the rear sight at about a 45 dg angle I can not hit anything.  Next time I am out at a gun show I will try and pick up some 158 grain slugs.  I have a few in jacketed bullets but am reluctant to try anything but lead alloy.

I really like the style points but the trigger pull takes some getting used to. 

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Re: Got this new (TO ME) 66 improved Henry
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2006, 10:27:27 PM »
Gauge Rod, Vaughn Trueman of the Bullet Hole can get that 66 to feed just about any cartridges you want.  He can work wonders with toggle link actions.  You can call him at 319-233-0204 or e-mail him at

Tell him I told you to contact him.

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