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Please Post Your Successes with Trail Boss!

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Professor Marvel:
As the subject says, I am interested in getting some positive results that folks have had using TB in ANY caliber!

I realize it is supposedly simple to load for, no compression, etc.
but I would love to see Actual load data , and as much detailed info as you,ay have, especially target groups, distance, etc.

Also especially, info for more obscure cartridges. As always remembering that this IS a smokeless powder and not a sub for BP cartridges. We want to keep those ancient cylinders intact ...  :)

Prof Marvel

Howdy Perfesser,
Seems there was a discussion on Trailboss recently, but I don't recall exactly.  My current 44-40 smokeless load is 6.0gr TB with a 200gr bullet, 32-20 is 2.7gr TB with a 115gr bullet.  And my current 44 Spcl pistol load is 4.5gr TB with a 180gr bullet.  These are CAS loads that I've never put on paper or chrono'd so can't tell you much more about them except they have performed well enough for me to keep using them.  I load all these with dippers since the powder is so flaky I would not trust my Lee auto-disk measure to be consistent.

Abilene I will try out that .44-40 load, thankee!
Professor, I discovered using Trail Boss on my Dillon 550 to give a couple extra seconds to make sure the powder dispenser had dumped the full charge, as this stuff loves to bridge if you let it. Both Dillon and Lee powder dispensers exhibit this.

 Hey Professor ,, I shoot a 76 Chappie in 40/60 & a 92 Rossi in 44-40 ,, 7gr. max in 44-40 w/ 200gr. cast, and 14gr. ( + or - ) in my 40-60 217gr. cast ,, no problems , both will shoot out 50 to 75 yds. ( far as I can see ) very accurately . ( sorry no chrno. )

 coffee's ready ,, Hootmix.

Professor Marvel:
Greetings Gents -
Thanks for the replies so far,
how much space are you all using? any cards, wads, fluffy foam, or just airspace?
what do each of you consider "accurate" ?

prof making a list....



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