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USFA Single Action with 2 Cylinders

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How unusual were dual cylinder 45 Colt/45 ACP single action revolvers from USFA?  The box for the first USFA I bought includes an empty box for a second cylinder.

I’m asking because I may have an opportunity to buy one, serial #25xxx.  Hard rubber grips, 5-1/2” barrel.  He’s asking $2,400 for it which seems a little high for a private sale. That’s why I’m asking about the second cylinder. Condition looks very good except for scratches on one of the cylinders. My guess is someone didn’t know how to remove and reinstall a cylinder in a SAA.


Tascosa Joe:
I do not know how unusual the dual cylinder pistols are but I know near the end of production USFA advertised a special dual cylinder set for $995.  I know several people who purchased them.

Buckaroo Lou:
Like TinMan I do not know how unusual they are but I have one in a 4 3/4" barrel. I have shot it with the 45 ACP cylinder and it is accurate. I have also installed wolf springs and Elk horn grips.


King Medallion:
That is sweet! Ever try shooting the 45 Cowboy Special brass in it, rather than the ACP?

Buckaroo Lou:

--- Quote from: King Medallion on November 02, 2022, 01:32:06 PM ---Ever try shooting the 45 Cowboy Special brass in it, rather than the ACP?

--- End quote ---

King Medallion,

The 45 ACP cylinder is machined for the 45 ACP cartridge which uses the edge of the cartridge mouth for seating and not the base rim. A cartridge that uses the base rim for seating cannot be used in a 45 ACP cylinder because the cylinder could not turn.


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