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Rear Sight Question


pinto beans:
Greetings All,

After having my 76 for some years, I have started considering a different rear sight.  Now I have shot couple other 76s set up with tang sights, along with some Sharps style rifles likewise setup.  While nice, these are not enough of my cup of tea to plunge in for one.  What I do like is the ladder type rear sight, and see Smith Enterprise makes a nice one.  I was wondering if any of the good folks here had tried this style rear barrel sight on a 1876 replica rifle.  Having examined several original 76 rifles with ladder sights this Smith sight looks very similar but claims to have a detent system and thumb locking screw.  Knew if there was any place on earth to ask about this sight it was here!  What about it, any shooters tried this option?!


I've got that very sight on mine, and it works great!  I like the fact the slide stays where you put it, instead of like the originals that seem to bounce all over the place.  You'll like it!

I’m running a similar one on my 1894 in 38-55 and really like it.  On my 1873, I have a Marbles tang sight that I run without the diopter. No problems there, just circle the target. 

Both are great options and will do the job.


 :)  Beano  ;)

As a matter of fact, I do.  I have the Smith Enterprises sight on my Handi 38-55, on my custom 1866 Trapper, my custom 1873 Trapper and my Henry Trapper as well as two Henry Carbines.  I am quite pleased with the sight (obviously).  I much prefer a "flat" sight to the typical Buck Horn.  The Buck Horn blocks the targets to the right and left.  Try it, Yule Like it!!

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