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A smith to rebarrel an original 1873?

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I've got an original 73 Winchester in .38-40.  It was rebarreled and re-blued in the past.  Same .38-40.  Who ever did the work did a good job.  Receiver markings were not buffed, wood was sanded but not horribly and it shoots good. 

Since it is just a shooter grade, I'm thinking about getting it rebarreled in .45 Colt.  Any source for a barrel?  Any smith that you guys can recommend?

I still might trade it but I'm looking at my options since I cannot find a 20" Marling.



 :)  Smoke  ;)

I am well aware this does not help you in your quest.  However, If I may (and I am) I must suggest you not bother with 45 Colt.  Your current caliber (38-40) allows you to shoot your rifle with about zero Blow-By of gun gas.  The Rifle probably shoots squeaky clean.

I can attest, unless you get into the Case Annealing business, you're going to begin fighting Blow-By with the first 45 Colt you fire.  Without annealing, 45 Colt cases WILL NOT expand to seal the chamber and you WILL get Blow-By.  The only other suitable choice besides annealing, is to start with 44-40 cases, fire formed to 45 Colt.

If your happy with your 38-40, Stay Happy.  If you rebarrel to 45 Colt, you're not going to be happy at all.

Let Us Be Safe Out There

Cliff Fendley:
Any smith willing to do such blasphemy would probably doom himself to the fires of hell.

Why on earth would you consider doing that when you could just sell the original Winchester and buy a Uberti 73 already chambered in 45 colt? And likely have money left over for ammo.

 ::)  Like I said in the original post, it has already been rebarreled and reblued.  An other rebarrel won't make it any less right than it is now.

Baltimore Ed:
I had my uberti rebarreled by The Cowboy Shop this year. Fast turnaround with good work.



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