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I just picked up my second USFA revolver. Both are premium USA made, one with 4 3/4, and the other one 7 1/2. Both in .44 Special. Both guns have .428 cylinder throats. I bought some HSM 240 grain SWC and they measure .430. I’m getting a little leading just ahead of the forcing. Has anyone else experienced this. I haven’t slugged the bore yet, and also I intend to reload for there guns. I guess my question is, what size bullets should I buy? I thought .002 over throats diameter was right. Also anyone have a good load for white tails?
Thanks in advance


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A real correct answer requires knowing the Bore Diameter.  Shoving .430 bullets thru a 428 throat may result in accuracy and leading problems as the throat swages the bullet down.  .001 or .002 over bore diameter (groove) is the accepted bullet sizing.

You may wind up having to ream the throats.  Or Not.  Maybe.  Depends.  Need bore diameter.

Lets Play Safe Out There

I slugged the bore on the 7 1/2 in. Barrel. It measured .427. I’m shooting .430 bullets. Throats are .428. So that should be ok, right. .001 over bore diameter. Gun shoots really good, but I’m still getting a little leading just ahead of the forcing cone, which I don’t like. Any recommendations? Maybe .429 bullets?
Thanks in advance.


I don't cast, but I know that bullet hardness comes into play as well as size.  It seems that bullets that are too hard can lead more than softer bullets, especially at low "CAS" pressures.  Seems counter-intuitive until you learn why. Softer bullets take less pressure to bump up and fill the bore, reducing hot gas getting by the bullet and melting the lead.  Perhaps you know all this, but something to consider.

Yep, sounds like too hard a lead alloy.  Too hard, gas cutting and lead in the ball seats and forcing cone.  Too soft and lead ends up in the rifling.  Your measurements are good.  Gas expands the case and blows past the bullet, eroding the base and depositing the lead where you are seeing it.


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