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USFA Serial Number Questioning

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Gun K1n6:
Can anyone help with an unusual USFA serial number?
Could this be a custom SN?
Is there any way to date this or determine if it’s 100% USA?
Thank you.

Buckaroo Lou:
Good photos would help.

Gun K1n6:
Thanks for the reply Buckaroo Lou…
This is a general question about a six digit serial number (200012)and weather or not they existed or were solely custom. This is a premium USFA. CC/DB.

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Dave T:
I'm no expert on USFA guns but I own a few and follow most everything I find to read or see discussed about them. I've never heard of a six digit serial number. Doesn't mean there never was one, just that I've never heard any mention of there ever being one.


Buckaroo Lou:
I have a real nice high 5 digit numbered gun that is a Sheriffs model, BP frame with old Armory blue and factory stag grips. It is the highest serial numbered gun I have seen. I bought it at our local gun show back right about the time USFA shut down. All USA parts. The only safe queen I own.


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