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Black powder followed by smokeless - weird fouling


Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Shotgunners especially black powder shooters,

This past weekend I was experimenting with my recalcitrant '87. I thought roll crimped shells would eject more reliably than star crimped (they did). The kicker was that a buddy gave me 4 of his roll crimped BP loads. I needed at least 6 for the stage. I shot the BP loads first and finished with smokeless loads.

The next day when i went to clean the bore, I found a weird hard grey crust in the bore. It took a stainless tornado brush and copious amounts of Windex to scrape off. After the bore looked bright, oiled patches.

Is mixing black and smokeless a no-no? Has anyone else seen this happen? I plan on learning how to roll crimp some smokeless loads to make that damned '87 work better.

Rev. Chase

Cap'n Redneck:
I regularly shoot a Norinco ("Chinchester") 1887/1901 clone in 12/70 cal. with blackpowder loads.
I sometimes participate in the "Speed Shotgun" side-matches with smokeless factory ammo just to clean-up the bore of my 1887.
My main-match loads consist of MagTech / CBC all brass shells, uncrimped.  Just a 10ga. "over-powder" card on top of the shot to hold everything in place.

I have never experienced the kind of fouling You describe.

However, I've found that the 1887 does not always like to eject soft plastic hulls.  Paper hulls work better, but all-brass hulls are the best in my opinion.  The downside is that it is hard to get smokeless to burn reliably in an all-brass hull without a crimp.  So I'll stick with the black stuff wrapped in brass.


PLUS ONE for Cap'n Redneck


If I may (heck, I am) I would suggest you consider loading your roll crimped hulls with APP.  The other consideration, your 87 is expressing it's preference for two and a half inch hulls (also roll crimped).  APP requires no crimp and no lube when loaded for shotgun.  Recommended is 2f.

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Thanks Guys,

I have been thinking about APP. I think that my first option will be to get the tools I need to trim and roll crimp my shells and use (dare I say it) smokeless, thus using powder and under wads with the addition of an over shot card. then I can use my MEC to do most of the work.

Rev. Chase


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