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USFA Bisley models, Value?

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In about 2008 I had the opportunity to work for a week in the Hartford area. I called USFA and arranged to take a tour of the factory. I was met at the door by a gentleman named Gary who I believe was the manager. He took me around the operation showing each step of the process. At that time every part for the SAA except for one screw was made in house and they were planning to set up to make that screw also. I recall also seeing some of the lighting rifles in the factory.
At the end of the tour, Gary pointed out an elderly man at the handgun assembly area and told me he was a former employee of the Colt custom shop and had worked to teach many of the USFA employees.
At the end of the tour I told Gary that I would order a pair of Bisley USFA is he would see to it that they were fitted by the former Colt employee. I purchased a pair of Bisley Premium grade guns. Consecutive serial numbers (2600 range), they have a 4.5 inch barrel in 38 SPL. The guns have black plastic grips, bright blue and outstanding case color. The guns were shipped to Jim Finch at Long Hunter guns to polish up for SASS shooting. I shot them in two matches and they have been in the safe since. I find myself at a point where I need to consider selling some guns and might part with these. There is slight wear at the muzzle but other wise are in beauty Queen condition. I know that I had saved the boxes but for the life of me just can't find them.
I have never seen any other Bisley models from USFA but sure there are a FEW around. Any idea of the value of the guns?

River City John:
Spurious GAF and NCOWS numbers. Odd . . .

River City John.
I just joined this web site but you can see from my SASS number that I have been shooting CAS for a few years now.
When I registered on this site the NCOWS and GAF numbers were filled in with the 150,000 number you see displayed.
I am not a member of NCOWS. What the heck is GAF?
Just a life member of SASS.
If this is a problem for the members here I can just leave the site.
Just was looking for hard to find information about USFA guns.

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River City John:
I did not realize GAF and NCOWS numbers were automatically filled in by default. Doubly odd . . .

At least you were able to edit them out of the profile.

GAF = Grand Army of the Frontier     See forum The Barracks

Howdy M5, I don't know the answer to your questions but you are in the right place.  There are some very knowledgeable people here about the USFA's, and the Gary you mentioned is on here as well.  He may very well chime and I'll bet he remembers you!   :)

If you haven't yet, look through all the previous posts on this forum, might be some about Bisleys.


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