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Loading Brass Shells

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I have RMC 12 gauge hulls.   I use white clue to finish them off.   You can write the Shot size on the top card in a sharpie, then cover in white glue, when dry you can still read it.   I do this, as 2 shells are home defense shells and would not want to shoot them at targets.  Easy to spot.   I can really recommend RMS shells.  They are stout.   My fancy loading tools are a rawhide mallet, a dowel with a cupped end, a board with a big hole and an ice pick.   Can do 10 in short order.

Bart Slade:
I just started using brass shells, I have some RMC and some Magtech.   Have already discovered that the RMC's are superior with identical loads.   

I attribute this to (a) the tighter tolerance, which means the components fit very tightly in the RMC's, which means less blowby, and (b) the RMC's use a 212 primer whereas the Magtechs use a large pistol primer. 

I've been using a light blackpowder load - 25gn 2f and .8 oz shot.   Worked fine in the RMC's (and plastic hulls) but doesn't get the job done with the Magtechs.

Ketchums Clayton:
This is a great thread!



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