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Every so often


Major 2:
Nostalgia will set in, and I will remember when....

On another Board a question was asked, "what is your oldest carry knife "

I replied

" I suppose I lost my fair share of knives

but here is one I've had since 1956, it was my carry knife then
and it was carried in SCHOOL (Coral Way Elementary) to my Cub Scout meetings.
Fact is I even lost this one once, and it was found and returned to the school's office Lost & Found.

THAT would not happen today! Imagin the hissy fit in today's education environment ".

And I still have it!

SO then, what is YOUR oldest carry knife ?

Good times.   I have one almost identical from circa 1972.   Carried it to school every time we had a cubscout meeting.    Running joke was our High school uniform was
Flannel, levis, hiking boots and a buck knife on the belt.   We had no problems.

Dave T:
I had one exactly like that and carried it through grade school in the 1950s.  By junior high I had acquired a Barlow and carried that through high school.  About the time I went off to college the first time I had acquired a simple three bladed Swiss Army knife.  It had a long clip-point blade, a saw blade with a slotted screw-driver bit on the end, and a bottle/can opener thing.  That one got lost somewhere in Vietnam.  I've carried folders ever since I came back and shed the green clothes.



Major 2:
I'm carrying this one presently, imported by BUCK, picked it up at ACE Hardware.


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