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Hello ya'll.  Nothing new has been posted to this group for a while so I figured I'd post an image of a Damascus Dagger I just finished.  The blade is around 100 layers of 1084 and 15N20 forged up and twisted.  The guard, spacer, and pommel (buttcap) are all the same twisted Damascus. 

I ground the blade to the normal dagger profile, then used the surface grinder to clean up a bit and it put the strip down the center.  Several folks liked the strip, so I left it in.  Still gotta make a sheath for it, or perhaps a display stand?

Cap'n Redneck:
Nice!   :D
I'd suggest a sheath that goes inside the boot-top?

The Damascus dagger might be a tad large for a boot knife - it's about 12" overall

Here's a boot dagger that's only 8" long with a 4.5" blade.  I forged it from an old file with faux ivory with brass fittings.

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Russ T Chambers:
My vote (FWIW) would go to the display stand!  Something that beautiful should be open for veiwing, not hidden in a sheath.

Professor Marvel:
Beautiful forge and grinding work!

I would vote for a display case as well, pattern-weld damasc that pretty deserves to be seen A LOT



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