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Change barrel Winchester 1897

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I have damaged my original barrel on my Winchester 1897 Takedown shotgun. But luckily I have managed to get hold of a new barrel, not original Winchester, but a new 20 inch reproduction barrel. When trying to assemble the extension sleeve to the new barrel it seems impossible to get the extension in the right position, aligning it correctly with the front sight and the notches for the magazine band screws. I have used as much force as I dare to. See image. 

Do I need a gunsmith for this job? The problem with that is that there are no gunsmiths in Norway or Europe that know the Winchester 97 to my knowledge.

Excuse my poor english.


how different is thw new barrel from the old?

See images. This is when I have tightened them as much as I can by hand.

Professor Marvel:
My Good Monsiuer McCrower

Hei, hvordan har du det?

It looks like the old barrel does not line up either? Or am I confused?

How good are your skills at hand fitting machine parts?
That will decide if you need a gunsmith.

You will need to measure the threads and shoulders of the old barrel and compare to the new barrel.

Without seeing the parts, I would "guess" that you may need to take "a little" off the shoulder of the new barrel to allow it to turn further.

If this does not make sense ,  you may need the help of a gunSmith or machinist.
I can offer one or two people who might be able to advise you, one is a skilled machinist in Sweden the other fellow is a black powder shooter in ( I think) Norway.

Hope this helps
Prof Marvel

 Howdy McCrower.  You mentioned it being an import barrel.  Chinese?  I'm not certain but think those threads will be different unless possibly the TTN brand? 

Edit: just occurred to me those chinese guns were all solid frame, so probably not one of those.



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