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Rube Burrows:

--- Quote from: Marshal Will Wingam on October 23, 2022, 12:02:58 PM ---Looking good, Rube. Those cross draw half flap holsters are a cool design.

When you said "double cross draw" my first thought was of my cousin, Outlaw Jim (no longer with us), who wore two right handed cross draw holsters for CAS. One on either side of the belt buckle, just far enough apart to meet SASS requirements. He stood left side to the firing line ,like you would a weaver stance, and just yanked them out and went to town. No 'cross draw twist' needed to keep muzzles downrange so no chance of a procedural while on the clock.

--- End quote ---

Hey, that sounds like a good idea to start the shooting. This particular person wanted to wear one on each side. The drawing process on these are def not a one handed process. Esp with the lined holsters because the flap is fairly stiff.


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