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New member with a question. I just got a used US Firearms SAA in 45 Colt. Trying to find out when it was made, the model, and if it is a full USA model. It did It's in almost new condition, except the grips have been changes, looking for originals but no luck so far. It came with the box and sock, but the label is missing off the box. The serial number is E983. Any ideas? Thanks.

Buckaroo Lou:
It sounds to be an all USA made Rodeo model. Is it flat black or brushed nickel? Pictures would be nice.

It is flat black. The hammer has white sides. From what I can find I think you are right, it's a Rodeo and all USA made. Any idea where to find original grips?

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Dave T:

--- Quote from: bluestringer on July 22, 2020, 04:36:43 PM ---Any idea where to find original grips?
--- End quote ---

Asking here might be your best bet. You can always search on GB or eBay. Some find great deals there. I never find what I'm looking for but I'm old and grumpy. I don't think computers like me. (smile)


This is the best photo I got right now. Kinda blurry. The sticker inside the box lid says Rev. 7-05 in the left bottom, so I assume it was made sometime between 2005 and 2011 when USFA stopped making them.


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