Author Topic: SHot my Kirst-1858s at a match  (Read 944 times)

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SHot my Kirst-1858s at a match
« on: June 15, 2019, 10:39:41 PM »
Well, took the boys shooting today at the Nevada City Regulators SASS match.  I have used the Kirst 8" at a match before, but not the 5.5".  Both shot true and dead nuts on.  I never missed a 4x4x8 block of wood.

(We are under an court injunction to not shoot steel targets with lead -because it causes lead poisoning of the animals in the forest in entire county and Tahoe National Forest for Pete's sake!!!!...,  obtained by our local dreadlock, Birkenstock wearing, leaf licking, tree hugging, friends of the chipmunks who moved here from SF and Berkley to live an enlightened life.  They thought they would shut us down with the order, but we figured ways around it...shoot wood, poly self-healing targets, steel shot on knock downs, etc.

Any way, I had noticeable knuckle knock from the 5.5" with factory wood grips, but not too much with the faux-ivory stocked 8".  The boys were great. Tonight I fitted the 5.5 with the same Get A Gri[p faux-ivory grips as the 8" has.  Should improve the 5.5.
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